Consignor Bio

Hunters Farm LLC

"I'm Steve Phipps owner of Hunters Farm LLC.
My grandfather (Pa Frank) plowed his garden with either a mule or at times a bald face draft horse named Ball. At age 3, he would sit me on Ball and I'd hang on to the heims while he would plow each row. That's with my love for horses began.

Over the years I would trade a few horses and mules and in my early days I couldn't afford to buy anything expensive so many times they had a blemish or something making them less marketable. I always said if I ever had additional funds I'd invest in nice animals blemish free.
The past few years I've been so blessed to have some outstanding quarter horses and a select number of very fancy mules cross my path.

I'm not into large quantities but rather my approach is taking best in class colts to start and give them the best care and training. It's been an honor to have owned some of them. It's always hard to let go of any of them, but I have learned I can't meet new personalities if I keep every one I own. Horses and Mules have been a stable in my life. There is nothing more fulfilling to me than being around a good animal."