Need a Ride for a mule?   We will have a sign up form in the office for those that may need a ride for a mule they are hoping to purchase.  We are glad to list your name and contact info in case someone provides this service, they can contact you.

Will Haul a mule? We will ave a sign up form in the office for those that are interested in hauling an animal for a buyer.  We are gla to list your name, contact info, and where you can haul for anyone interested in purchasing a mule here at the sale.

Currently we have these contacts that Will Haul.

First Name Last Name  Region  Phone
Dan  LaPierre  West Coast  Local   307‐202‐0736
Steve  Cerroni  East or West Coast  Local   307‐272‐0364

Licensed and insured equine transporters can be found on the internet; equine transport, or equine transporters.
We will have a number of consignors that will be here and they are always glad to make some extra travel money for their trip home.
There are also generally attendee's from around the U.S. that you may be able to connect with during the weekly Mule Days Events.

SIGN-UP SHEETS - NEED A RIDE/CAN HAUL:  Located at the Mule Days Office, or add your name,by emailing:
We make no guarantees for people listed on these forms, this is a service we provide for people that want to buy and people that offer to haul your animals.