Consignor Bio

Riverbend Milton Ranch

Jesse and Karen Rodenbough have been training and selling horses and mules for several decades. They take pride in putting out quality ranch and trail riding animals. They try to expose each animal to everything that life could throw at them and concentrate on the things they excel in from ranching to trail riding to mountain exposure. Running the equine program for Riverbend Bar Milton Ranch is a once in a lifetime opportunity. They have a Gypsy Vanner Breeding program and have added a Quarter Horse Breeding program as well. They concentrate on quality, soundness of mind, confirmation, bloodlines and matching the right mares to the right stallions. Raising their own stock or purchasing excellent prospects, training and marketing them to the right owners brings them joy and a sense of fulfillment knowing they are putting out a good product that someone else will cherish and enjoy for years to come. They have always operated with honesty and integrity and have made that the cornerstone of their program. You can buy with confidence knowing they will be as forthcoming with information on their animals as they possibly can be.