2019 Event DETAILS

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Sat, Jun 15th - Sat, Jun 15th
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Ralston, Wyoming

Plan on Getting Lined up in Downtown Ralston for the Annual Parade of Flags on Mules                       Buy Tickets Here
Open to all riders, wagons, walkers, and advertising sponsors can be motorized.

  •   9 am - Gather at the Arena
  • 10 am - Depart for Parade starting point, Corner of Highway 14 A and Road 15, west of Ralston. 
    You will take the back pasture road to keep from being in traffic along the highway.
  • 11 am - Parade will begin with herding of the loose mules from a pasture west of the Parade starting point. 
    The Mule Days parade follows once the herd is past.
  • Parade ends at the Arena where you will have time to put up your animals, get a bite to eat or browse the vendor booth before the Rodeo at 1pm
    Upfront Herding of the Mules with the Gines Family The Display of our Flag headed up with Wyoming and the US Flag Proud of our Flag Bearers
    Kay's mom, 98 years old enjoying the mule riding. Christina Bach Tift flag of Denmark Jeff Tift carries the Scandinavian Viking's  Flag
    Pet & Phone Friendly Mule Pet friendly mule
    Proud of our Army Mule