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Trail Course - MANDATORY for All Auction Mules

Fri, Jun 14th - Mon, Nov 30th
8:00 am - 12:00 am
Ralston, Wyoming

Giving the Buyer the best opportunity to help choose the right mule with the right qualifications. This was created to see how the mules respond in similar situations you might see along the trail.

*This Event is Required for ALL AUCTION MULES*     

Spectators:  Free Admission               

The trail course is designed for buyers to view the qualities & abilities of each mule.
The mules will be rated on a 1-5 system with the following participation and obstacles:

  1. Loading mule in a Trailer, Tie, Untie and Unload
  2. Handling of their Feet, Pickup 3 of 4 feet
  3. Movement and Ease of Saddling while tied to the trailer
  4. Ease of Bridling, Ear shyness, bit acceptance, head positioning
  5. How well the mule Leads and goes through a Gate
  6. Lead around a Tire & goes back through a Gate
  7. How well the mule stands to Mount
  8. How the Mule maneuvers crossing Logs
  9. How well the mule stands in a designated Box for 1.5 minutes
  10. Back thru poles
  11. Trot thru Cones in a serpentine figure
  12. Trot in a Circle outside of cones
  13. Drag a Log from cone A to cone B
  14. Cross a Bridge
  15. Lead a Pack Animal
  16. Go Down Hill
  17. Cross the Creek
  18. Go around Barrel
  19. Go back across the Creek
  20. Put on Slicker and Dismount Mule

Each mule will be rated by its acceptance and achievement through each section of the course.  If the specific item is of no significance to you, then a low rating for that specific challenge should not be an issue, so please review the mules by what you need them to be qualified to do.

Results of Each mules score per activity and grand total overall will be posted in the Big Barn by 8am on Saturday morning.

 View Sample Map Trail Course.pdf