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We appreciate that you have considered our auction in your search in finding a MULE that will fit your needs and requirements.  We encourage you to take the time to inspect, screen and ask questions about the mules that peak your interest.  It is the Buyers responsibility to ride AND talked with the consignor about the animal prior to purchase.

OUR SUGGESTION:  If you are wanting a trail mule that is safe and sane, please consider as a scenario you are buying a Pickup or an ATV versus a race car, even though the race car is sleek and certainly has that cool look, you may be better off with something that has the versatility and undercarriage you may need.  The old saying, "The beauty queen doesn't always make the best cook", could apply as well.  Please choose disposition, riding requirements, personality and temperament.  Make sure that if a Mule has reining training that you are able to ride the animal that can spin on a coin, move from walk to run in one jump, and you can sit back when you ask the mule to slide to a stop.  Buy a Mule that fits your riding ability!

THIS IS NOT A BUY, THEN TRY AUCTION!  This is totally unfair to the consignors and their business of selling reliable animals!

We pride ourselves on working with the consignors in our sale as they have proven to bring the type of mules that are safe and sound and that our buyers need and deserve.  We list the number of year’s each consignor has been with us, thus verifying their proven history of sales they’ve had with our Auction.  Please know what these consignors have sold their mules for in the past by reviewing the "Historical Prices" and what they may expect their animals to bring in this year's auction. 

 If you wish to obtain a PRE-PURCHASE Vet Inspection, it must be done prior to the Auction at the potential buyers expense. Mules are stalled at Jake Clark's MULE DAYS Arena & Barn and a buyer should contact any consignor to make arrangements for a Prepurchase-vet check for a specified mule at this location, in Cody, Powell or at the consignor’s location through a vet near them.

We do not guarantee a buyers Prepurchase-vet inspection, we guarantee that the mules will be sound per our "Soundness Guarantee" listed below in the Guarantee Section of this page. 

AUCTION MULE Videos On YouTube

  • YOUTUBE:  Click here to View video's of this year's consignments.
    Videos are added as consignors have them available or as they are updated.
    SUBSCRIBE to the Jake Clark's MULE DAYS YOUTUBE channel to be notified as new videos are added.


Buyers, sellers and spectators are cautioned to exercise care while attending the sale and enter premises at their own risk. Jake & Kay Clark, Jake Clark's MULE DAYS Committee; its principals, directors, officers, agents, employees and volunteers, and each and every landowner, municipal and/or government agency upon whose property this activity is conducted, shall not be liable for injuries sustained by anyone attending the Jake Clark's MULE DAYS facilities, activities and associated events.

ABSOLUTELY "NO" Private Sales

Absolutely NO Private Sales:  with any of Jake Clark's MULE DAYS consignor's either prior to the Sale or after the auction. Consignors have given Clark Management Company Exclusive Rights for selling the consigned Mule(s).  Management feels this is unfair to the consignors and buyers who have traveled to attend the sale. All mules brought to the sale to be sold during Jake Clark's MULE DAYS must be consigned and go through our auction ring. The GUARANTEES only apply if the sale is run through the AUCTION.  To insure all sale GUARANTEES go with each mules purchase, be sure to come to the office to let us know you have made arrangements to purchase one of the mules that did not sell in the Ring.

After the Sale, we continue to try to sell the mules and will post them to Facebook and other area's to let potential buyers know what mules are still available.  We do leave it up to the integrity of the seller to forward any commission on mules that have been consigned to this sale, have their mules listed in the catalog, and/or are sold because of the advertising and efforts of the Jake Clark's MULE DAYS.  We work hard to do right for both our buyers and our consignors and want to thank those consignors and buyers that possess the integrity to know that we have done a great job and will pay us accordingly to their contract.

Transportation Requirements After the Sale

We pride ourselves on the quick and efficient turn-around time in providing our Buyers the required items for transport by our Brand Inspectors and Veterinarian.  We have been to numerous sales and we believe ours is by far one of the best!


  • Leaving Jake Clark's MULE DAYS location:
    Band Inspections: REQUIRED on all Sale Mules:  A Brand Inspection (AKA Ownership Papers) is included in the mules payment at checkout and MUST BE OBTAINED from the Brand Inspector once you have paid for your mule.  All mules will be charged a $15.00 brand inspection fee by state law

  • Leaving OUT of Wyoming  (A Veterinarian will be on the grounds to provide all mules going out of state a current Health Inspection and Coggins)

    • Coggins:  All mules SOLD have a coggins test current within six months of sale date and is provided by the Consignors. YOU MUST obtain this from the Veterinarian

    • Health Papers:  Fees should be included with the mule payment at checkout; $10.00 per animal;  International Health is additional $150

We pride ourselves on the quick and efficient turn-around time in providing our Buyers the required items for transport by our Brand Inspectors and Veterinarian.  We have been to numerous sales and we believe ours is by far the best!

LOCATION:  BRAND INSPECTOR and VET, just inside the north door on the Big Barn during and immediately after the Auction.

Payment for all purchases must be paid before animals will be released from the grounds with the proper paperwork.

Buying a MULE - Need a Ride or Will Haul

Equine Transporters:  The internet has a number of equine transporters (Licensed and Bonded).  You should be able to locate those that travel to your location.  Be sure to check their credentials.

See the List of Transporters at this LINK .   Transporters will be added and shown on this page for your convenience. 

Jake Clark's MULE DAYS makes no guarantees for people listed on these forms, this is a service we provide for people that want to buy and people that offer to haul your animals.



ALL GUARANTEES apply only if the sale for the mule is run through the Auction.  Be sure to come to the office to let management know you have made arrangements to purchase one of the mules that did not sell in the Ring to insure all sale GUARANTEES continue with your purchase

Each Mule sold at Jake Clark’s MULE DAYS must be guaranteed sound by the consignor.  If the mule is not considered sound, the buyer has until Tuesday following the Auction, at 12 noon to have Jake Clark and Jake's veterinarian inspect the mule at the Jake Clark's MULE DAYS Location. Jake Clark will make the final determination as to soundness of the mule. If the mule is considered unsound, the buyer will be returned his purchase price, less fees.  No Payment will be made to the consignor if the mule is considered unsound.

Each consignor will be totally responsible for guarantees they make on their animals & guarantees will be made only from the auction block while the animal is being sold. Absolutely no guarantee or warranty will be expressed or implied by the auctioneers or ring men.

SOUNDNESS does not guarantee a PrePurchase Vet Inspection. If the buyer wishes to have a Prepurchase Vet Inspection prior to the Sale, please contact the consignor and make arrangements with a vet near them or make an appointment with a vet here in Cody or Powell for a Vet check.  Mules are stalled at Jake Clark's MULE DAYS Arena & Barn and vet should contact the consignor to make arrangements for  the Prepurchase Vet Inspection with a specified mule at this location.

Jake Clark’s MULE DAYS Soundness Guarantee is:

  • See out of both eyes clearly and correctly
  • Will be correct in the air
  • Will not crib
  • Will beat on all 4 feet soundly.

There is no implied or explicit guarantee of any mules sold at this auction that extends to replacing a mule or refunding of any monies after the Tuesday following the Auction deadline.  In other words, do not contact us 1 month later, 6 months later nor 1 year later and say there is a problem with the mule and you expect compensation, it won't happen.

It is the Buyers responsibility to ride AND talk with the consignor about the animal prior to purchased....

Exception:  the only way for any refund of monies via the GUARANTEE is strictly with the animal not being sound as described above and notice given by the deadline stated above.

Ownership and Stalling, Feeding & Pick Up

OWNERHSHIP:  The buyer assumes full ownership of the animal from the time it is sold in the sale ring and is responsible for proper feed and care. 


Consignor/Seller’s Responsibility:

    • Please see that your mule has feed and water and is put back in the same stall he originally was stalled in.

Buyers Responsibility:

    • The buyer will be responsible to pick up the mule by Monday immediately following the Sale, or daily stall and feed costs $10 per day will be due.
    • Please be sure to notify the office if stalling arrangements will be later that the first Monday immediately following the Auction so Jake will be sure to see that your mule(s) are being watered and fed until you are able to pick them up.


  • Buyers must have a PAID RECEIPT from the office for all load outs.
    Brand Inspector and Veterinarian will be on sight on sale day for Completion of Brand Inspection and Health Certificates needed for transport.
  • MAKING ARRANGEMENTS:  Please notify Jake (307) 272-6635 or the Mule Days office if your mule will need feed and stalling to insure mule care following these dates:
    • CARE CHARGES FOLLOWING ABOVE PICKUP DATE: a daily charge of $10 for stall and feed costs will be due.


    Warranty & Conditions

    By purchasing a mule at Jake Clark's MULE DAYS, I verify that I have read the above information and hereby agree to be bound by them as well as any information listed in the Jake Clark's MULE DAYS sale catalog.

    I verify that after the guarantee deadline date as stated in the GUARANTEE Section, I have no recourse to expect any type of refund, any type of repayment or any type of exchange as all sales are final.

    Jake Clark's MULE DAYS, Clark Management Company & its associates act as agents only and are not responsible for buyer/seller error or misunderstanding. All guarantees are strictly between the buyer and seller.

    In further consideration of this purchase, I agree to indemnify and defend the Clark Management Company, T.J. Clark & Amy Landrus and the Jake Clark's MULE DAYS Committee, their agents and associates, from all injury, loss of equipment, loss of animal or damages to myself, my animals or damages or injury to others or lien property from my animals, by attending this Mule Sale at Ralston, Wyoming. The undersigned by executing this instrument receives said property from the Clark Management Company and declares himself/herself owner or legal agent and acknowledges the purchase thereof at public auction for his/her account according to its usual custom.