Mule Days History

Big Boulder Ranch, Wyoming - East Yellowstone's Backcountry

Make your trip to Wyoming, A GREAT VACATION! 

Join us for 5-7 days of Mule Clinics, Mounted Shooting, Team Sorting, Parade, Rodeo, Barn Dance, Team Roping, Barrel Racing, Vendor Displays and Lastly America's Finest Select Saddle MULE AUCTION.

We are very glad to be able to bring you Jake Clark’s Mule Days. We wish to bring awareness to the saddle mule and their qualities through these events.  Through activities during these 7 days we encourage family participation and hope to create an atmosphere where families can enjoy their time together while enjoying and learning more about mules. 

Come Early or Stay Longer and Visit Yellowstone National Park to the West or the Big Horn Mountains to the East where you can enjoy camping, traveling trails and viewing Wonderful Wyoming and the local habitat and natural resources.  

Our Goal

The goal of Mule Days is to bring together America’s finest Saddle Mules and create a venue where the mules can show off their qualities and true nature and disposition of a top Saddle Mule.

Jake Clark's Mule Days is becoming known as America’s Finest Select Saddle Mule Auction.  We believe that buyers should be able to buy with confidence and have a very good idea of the type of mule they are buying.  All Auction Mules are required to be guaranteed sound by the seller.  

Jake Clark and his family has owned Wyoming Wilderness Outfitters since 1978.  Where their pride and knowledge of the outdoors was shared with guests through an enjoyable and satisfying vacation, one that provided ‘Memories to last a Lifetime’.  Travel expanded throughout the backcountry of Wyoming and into Yellowstone Park.  We used mules in the mountains because they were the best animals for the mountain trails.  We provide Mule Days as an event where the buyer has the best opportunity to match his/her abilities to a mule that will fit his/her needs for riding.

Giving Back

We believe that as a person grows intellectually and financially that there are valuable ways to look for improvements to our surroundings and to future generations.  We have created a Friday Night Auction where we hope that we can build on awareness of various non-profit organizations that work to improve our quality of life.  Join us with this fun Friday Night auction as the Cody Country Outfitters bring items for auction to benefit their scholarship fund as well as the 4-H Chapter who brings desserts and pies to benefit their club and members to grow and experience life's lessons through 4-H.

The Clark family donated a mule and other items for over 25 years to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation hoping that the donations would make a difference for our children, grand children and future generations in keeping the wild places secure and protected from urban sprawl.  Where the future generations can experience and enjoy the wildlife and the natural splendor of various states and our beloved Wyoming and lands that have been set aside as national parks, wilderness, forest service and BLM properties. 

Keeping the surroundings that our forefathers traveled and ensuring that future generations will be able to see and experience life in this natural resource by passing down our right and heritage.  With our donations to the RMEF our mules that have sold at the national convention have brought as high as $32,000.  Realizing this is a charity, but we have had some of our best mules at these auctions.  Wyoming Wilderness Outfitters has raised over $500,000 in funds directly benefiting RMEF.  Other Donation Recipients: Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife, Northwest College Rodeo, and Wyoming 4-H Foundation.

We invite you to join us in this Giving through attending the Friday Action or leaving a check made payable to the Wyoming 4-H Program to add to Jake Clark's MULE DAYS Endowment Fund.