• Jake Clark, Mule Days, mule rodeo, mule
  • Jake Clark, Mule Days, parade
  • Jake Clark, Mule Days, auction
  • Jake Clark, Mule Days, rodeo
  • Jake Clark, Mule Days, parade, rodeo, mule, mules
  • mule days, Jake Clark, mule, mule rodeo, mule roping

2022 Auction Mules

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HIP #01

Dixie is a shapey 10-year-old Sorrel Mare Mule with that added chrome (stocking legs). She stands 15.2 hands and weighs approximately 1200#. Dixie rides and packs the very best as a mountain mule and she sure looks good doing it. She has spent many seasons on the mountain performing all...More


HIP #02

Patches is a 14.2 hand app John mule. He is well broke to ride and has been on many trails! He has been exposed to lots of things and is a good steady mount! Patches is easy to catch and good with his ears and feet. He clips, loads and...More

Rawhides Rowdy

HIP #03

Rowdy is dun in color and has the stripes and markings that will catch any eye. Plus, he has conformation to go with it. This colt should grow to be stout with quarter build, as his dam is 15.1 and weighs 1250. His sire is Scooters Rawhide. Rowdy was born...More

Nacho Libre

HIP #04

SAFE, FRIENDLY, and TRUSTWORTHY. Nacho Libre is exactly those three things. No matter what you are using him for; packing, trail riding, gathering cows, or parades, Nacho will take care of you. Nacho has been ridden on lots of hunting trips and most of the time we have been fortunate...More


HIP #05

Hubcap is a 15 hand ten-year-old EXTREMELY GENTLE experienced black john trail, family and parade mule. We bought him from the man who raised him. He used him in his Christian kid’s camp as his personal mule. Hubcap is out of a Tennessee Walker mare, but does not gait. However,...More


HIP #06

MERCEDES is such a sweet natured mule. She loves to please. She is willing to go anywhere and do anything. She was out of a black standard jack and a stocky built sorrel Quarter Horse mare. She was used by one of her previous owners to ride and pack elk...More


HIP #07

Here is one cool guy. Snorkel is the one you pick when you have a job that needs done. This mule has done more cowboy stuff than most people have seen on tv. He’s seen lots of miles prowling pastures and gathering. He has drug calves to the fire. We...More


HIP #08

You’re going to want to meet TinMan. As handsome as you could ever hope for with a fun personality, endless ability and great confirmation all wrapped in gorgeous steel grey color. Great qualities that make him completely amazing! He will catch you in the field and follow you wherever you...More


HIP #09

ROSE = BROKE, BEAUTIFUL AND BRILLANT. You could ride a million mules and never find another like this. She is a 9-year-old, red roan mare mule standing 15.1 hands and weighing 1150 pounds. She was sold here, in 2020, by T.J. Clark after being his main mount for 2 years....More


HIP #10

Quigley is about as friendly and laid back as they get for a 5 year old. At 14.3, he is just the right size and he is stout enough for any rider. He loves people, is always easy to catch and is gentle to handle. He is forward and willing...More


HIP #12

Roxanne is an extremely gentle 7 year old Molly that stands 16.1 hands tall and is safe as they come. She has been ridden in the trees of Idaho and Oregon as well as enjoyed the Arizona desert all winter. She enjoys seeing all of the sights as much as...More

Pairadice’s Rooster

HIP #13

Pairadice's Rooster is an 11 year old red roan john mule. He is 14.3 and 1100 pounds. He has excellent conformation, big bone, big foot, great wither and a broad chest and hip. Rooster is a finished team roping mule. You can rope either end on him. He has lots...More


HIP #14

Chigger is a 6 yr. old beautiful palomino. He stands 15.1 and is extremely gentle. This great mule came from PairADice mules. He had been in their training program until I bought him. He was raised by Loren's dad. He rides great even after he sits. Good with his feet,...More


HIP #15

Gus is a mountain mule and a good one! He stands 16 hands with excellent withers and will travel with the best of them. Gus has a one hand rein and goes where you point him. Gus has been hunted on and has passed what I consider the most demanding...More


HIP #16

We are super excited to offer such an outstanding mule. Spud is a stout sorrel Quarter Horse mule that is very kind whether you want to ride out in the open country, in the arena or down the trail. He is sure footed and carries himself very well. Spud is...More


HIP #17

Elvira is a 4 year old mare mule that is an exceptional All-Around Mule the entire family will enjoy! She is an honest, solid, dependable, safe mule that absolutely anyone can ride. Handy enough for the advanced and safe and gentle enough for the inexperienced, being youth or adult. Elvira...More

Fuzzy Wuzzy

HIP #18

Fuzzy Wuzzy is a beautiful 7-year-old Buckskin Mare Mule that stands a stout 14.3 hands high and will weigh 1050#. We raised her, and her mother was an own Granddaughter of Dash To Fame and Firewater Flit on the Bottom. If ever one was bred to perform, here she is....More

Catfish John

HIP #19

We call him Catfish. He is a very classy 15.2 hand solid black John mule that really likes people and has always been gentle. Catfish has been used extensively in the mountains and on the ranch. He has led the pack string and has also been packed and will go...More

Johnnie Ringo

HIP #20

Don't let his size fool ya. Johnnie has the heart and stamina of a big mule. He will cross ditches and terrain with ease. He walks out with a great stride and will carry you all day. You can catch Johnnie anywhere. He has a one hand neck rein and...More


HIP #21

OJ is as gentle as they come. He has been ridden a lot outside from being packed on, roped on or just riding down the trail. This mule has done all aspects of ranch work, will cross water and get through rough terrain with ease. You can shoot off him...More


HIP #22

Doodlebug is a 6 year old brown 14.1 john mule. He is everything you could ask of a young mule. Doodlebug is incredibly willing, kind-hearted, and gentle. He walks out on the trail like no other and goes any direction you point him. This mule crosses water, bridges, and logs...More

Malibu Barbie

HIP #23

Malibu Barbie is a good looking girl with the ability to go anywhere and do anything. She is a true palomino, but she's not a blondie when it comes to her brains. She's smart, athletic and very willing to please. She walks out big, has a beautiful jog trot, and...More


HIP #24

With a deep, rich coat accented by stocking legs, this outstanding molly garners attention wherever she goes. She is a thick made mule and is suitable for most any sized rider. We have had the honor of having Olive for 3 years now and had the pleasure of starting her...More


HIP #25

Here's your chance at one of the nicest mules around. From carrying our four-year-old to packing lions, to riding in the Fourth of July parade, she's done it all. The first day I brought her home, I was told she had not been ridden in two years but was broke....More


HIP #27

Strawberry is a 14.2 hand, 1,050 pound, 9-year-old Molly mule. This is one you will not want to miss out on. She is very broke. We have owned her since she was three years old and she is our favorite - has been, hands down. If someone was going to...More


HIP #28

Cooper is the ultimate ALL-AROUND mule! He can do it all! On top of that, he is absolutely gorgeous with a tail that drags the ground and all the color you dream of. Take him to the arena for shows or head down the trail for a week long hunting...More

Rafter F I Am Groot

HIP #29

Groot is a classy 9-year-old bridle mule by the great Texas Scooter jack Scooters Choice. He was bred and raised by Dwayne Peterson and we bought him as a 5 year old. He is a stout john mule who stands 15.1 and will weigh 1,150 pounds. Groot likes people and...More


HIP #30

Sparky is a 14.2 hand john gaited mule! Sparky is broke to ride and also broke to drive! He is a very smooth ride under saddle. He has been used for mowing grass and giving rides under harness! He has been on many trail rides and exposed to a lot...More


HIP #31

Talk about an all-around guy! Whatever job you throw at Jayden, he accepts with a good attitude and ease! He is broke, gentle and good looking to boot! Jayden has been ridden outside in the steepest of country, been to mule days, gathered yearlings, and been on the most fun...More

Miss Mary

HIP #32

Miss Mary is a 5-year-old beautiful Bay Roan Mare Mule. She stands 15 hands and weighs approximately 1050#. This mules changes color about 3 or 4 times during a full year, and it almost makes you think you always have a new mule. She is out of a quarter type...More


HIP #33

Blue is as calm and gentle as they come. Easy to catch, shoe and clip. She has been ridden many of miles in the timber and on trails. Crosses creeks and bridges with ease. Blue is the kind of mule that will fit your whole family. Her pretty grey color...More


HIP #34

L J is a good looking john mule with great conformation. His color is flashy and will definitely get his new owner some attention for sure. He has been extensively ridden on the trails in 5 states. He is really great with crossing everything: big rocks, trees, sand, bogs, logs,...More


HIP #35

Beretta is a 10-year-old mare mule out of a Thoroughbred mare and by a Standard jack. She has been ridden just about everywhere. She’s been roped off of, has been ranched on - doctoring and working cattle. She hauls, loads in and unloads great out of a trailer. Her neck...More


HIP #36

Sallee’s Maria is a 14.3 hand twelve-year-old beautiful black gentle molly mule. She is a very broke and experienced trail mule. Maria is extremely comfortable to ride, with a long sure-footed stride. She is reliable and will go where you point her in the mountains. We have used her in...More


HIP #37

Here is a quality mule! Maggie has the size and substance to fit a wide range of riders and jobs. She has plenty of bone and foot to hold up on rough terrain. Maggie has a sweet temperament and is a personable mule. She is a joy to be around....More


HIP #38

LARAMIE = CUTE, KIND AND GENTLE. Laramie is a 14 hand, 13-year-old, stocking legged paint Molly with a heart of gold. She rides, packs, and drives. She has a quiet personality and has proven herself to be broke for any level of rider. She is a stout 14 hands and...More


HIP #39

Kat is a beautiful 15h buckskin 9-year-old mare mule. The gentleman we bought Kat from worked on a ranch in Oklahoma. She has checked a lot of pastures and game feeders. Freddy also used her to hunt off of. People who came to ride with Freddy and didn't know how...More


HIP #40

Trooper is a very cool mule! In your pocket and as loyal as any good dog. Travels out very well and sits a saddle good. Troop is maybe the most willing mule I have worked with. He will go anywhere you ask. He is the one you want if you...More

Pairadice’s Jessie

HIP #41

Pairadice’s Jessie is a 15 hand, 7-year-old, 1050 pound molly mule. She is cherry red/sorrel with a light muzzle. We have trail ridden her by herself and with a crowd. She will ride in the front, middle or back, it does not matter to her. We have hog hunted her...More


HIP #42

Cricket is a very gentle and kind 12-yr-old sorrel. She saddles good and rides off great after sitting. She has a beautiful trot and lope. Crosses water and logs with ease. Doesn't mind traffic or bridges. She will meet you at the gate and likes to be scratched. Good with...More


HIP #43

Goldie is a 15.1 hand 1100# 6-year-old Palomino Mare Mule that we have owned since she was a 2-year-old. She is super gentle and rides and packs the very best, packing wild game and everything else you can load on a Mule. She has been ridden extensively by our guides...More


HIP #44

Meet Tess...you can’t help but fall in love with this adorable girl. She has a big personality, goes through the trail like a mountain goat and is stout enough to carry any size rider. Tess is really easy to handle on the ground. She loves being brushed, washed and is...More


HIP #45

Special is a 15.1 hand Molly mule. I've had Special in Montana hunting, riding and packing! She is a very strong mule that can go all day! She has been on many miles of trails and has a good walk to her! She is also broke to drive! Feel free...More


HIP #46

Shotgun is absolutely one of the prettiest mules I have every had and he is the whole package. He's an all-around handy ranch mule, sure footed and solid on the trail and a willing attitude for anything you ask of him. We have owned Shotgun for over a year and...More


HIP #47

TRAVIS is a handsome little quarter horse type john mule. He is out of a black jack and a sorrel Quarter Horse mare. He is the perfect package for a trail mule. He loves to go. You don't have to kick him hardly at all. He moves with just a...More


HIP #48

Smooth has matured into a fancy eye catcher. Smooth is showing great potential for becoming a well-mannered mature mare mule. Her dam is a quarter mare that was shown in the show ring. Her sire is Scooters Rawhide, grandson of Texas Scooter. Smooth should mature to the 14.2 hand range....More


HIP #49

Silk is a mare mule, black in color. She has eye appeal to burn, just like her sister. Great mannered and great disposition. Silk should mature to 14.2 range. Her identical full sister sells as hip# 48. This pair of full sisters will be eye catchers whether you ride or...More


HIP #50

Honey is beautiful inside and out. He will be your best friend every day. Honey always has a willing attitude. Very well trained in and out of the arena. A seasoned veteran out on the trail, he will go anywhere he’s pointed. Very safe with no spook. Honey will cross...More


HIP #51

Harley is EASY!! Easy to catch, ride, and pack. He knows how to handle the roughest, steepest and rockiest terrain you can imagine. He is a smooth traveling mule out on the trail and down the road. On the trail Harley goes where you point him. He willingly crosses water,...More

Rafter F Silkie

HIP #52

Silkie is a 6-year-old 14 hand Quarter Horse molly mule. She is a pretty little molly with a rare dark nose. She is out of a registered Quarter Horse mare and a large standard jack. Silkie is a sweet, kind and careful mule but most important, she is gentle and...More
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