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2024 Auction Mules

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HIP #01

Denim was used all last year as a ranch mule working on the mountain taking care of cattle. He was ridden in very rough country and is very sure footed with lots of stamina. His stamina and ability to go all day was very helpful as I used him to...More

Little Creek

HIP #02

6 years old, 15.2 hands tall, big boned and sturdy. He is very quiet. We have taken him out on the trail and to the mountains many times. My 10 year old son lopes him around. We have been roping off him at ranch roping practices. He is very sure...More


HIP #03

Check out this fancy colored mule that is broke broke broke!!! Izzy is a finished saddle mule that has excelled on being safe and friendly for all levels of riders!! Izzy is also a fun performance mule that has been team roped on in the arena on both ends. She...More


HIP #04

Lucy is a five year old bay molly mule. Don't let her young age fool you. This is a young mule that has been there and done that. She is used on the ranch daily from sorting to gathering cattle and has been trail rode extensively. She has been rode...More


HIP #05

Rawhides Joise is a buckskin molly that is a two year old, born 5-14-22. We have decided to offer this beautiful molly sired by Rawhide, a grandson of Texas Scooter and our Colonel Freckles mare. Joise is a true buckskin with the sharp black points. She has the potential to...More


HIP #06

Maria is a beautiful 6-year-old buckskin molly that stands 15.1 hands. Maria is definitely our GO TO mule when it comes to needing a versatile all-around mule. She checks every box when it comes to a solid ranch, trail, pack, driving and family mule. She is an honest, solid, dependable...More


HIP #07

Introducing CROCKETT, an outstanding all-around mule. Whether it be ranch work, trail riding, competition, backcountry packing or just playing around in the arena, this mule will suit your needs for the entire family and friends. Big and strong enough for the most rugged of country along with his easy-going temperament,...More


HIP #08

DENVER aka. CANYON CADILLAC is a 4 year old john mule with an old gentle soul. He loves people and doesn’t get excited about anything. He is just over 15 hands and will grow into a big, stout, willing partner with lots of bone and foot. He is always easy...More


HIP #09

Ruby is 14.2 hands tall and 10 years old. Ruby has seen it all from the hills to the arena. We have used her to gather cattle, follow the hounds out hunting, she runs barrels, has been roped off of, and is an absolute pleasure to ride. Ruby has a...More


HIP #10

Beautiful paint mare mule that stands 15 hands and is extremely gentle. She has been my son Bronc Noll's primary mount and is a beautiful mover. He has ridden and packed her in all kinds of terrain and she is very user friendly. Outstanding mule that is safe and gentle...More


HIP #11

Pepper is a four-year-old horse mule that was bred by Donnie and Teresa Oldham of RockinOMules. He is an extremely nice mule that we have enjoyed having here since he was about 10 months old. Pepper will catch you and is safe and gentle in about every way. Pepper's full...More


HIP #12

Statler is the salt of the earth! He’s as gentle as they come, broke for anyone and everyone and he’s absolutely unique and beautiful. Not to mention he is a complete saint and loves people. There isn’t a more genuinely gentle and kind mule than Statler. He stands at a...More


HIP #13

There’s a saying Life’s A Journey, well this is the mule to experience it with! Journey is great on the trail, fun In the arena and an asset on the ranch. Truly one of a kind! Gentle, TALENTED, friendly and most importantly SAFE. She is willing to do whatever you...More

Rawhides Rambler

HIP #14

Rawhides Rambler is a sorrel horse mule sired by Rawhide, a grandson of Texas Scooter and our quarter mare. This colt has a lot of action and is a very smooth mover. Rambler has the potential to be a working ranch mule. Rambler will mature to the 15 hands range....More


HIP #15

Ginger is a 7 year old Molly mule. I got her from Dewayne Casin as a 3 year old and have been using her ever since. She has done all aspects of ranch work and is my pick for really rough country on slick days. If you are on Ginger...More


HIP #16

By Jake Clark's famous jack Jake and out of a half Percheron mare, Jake Clark raised this beautiful gray mule. He has tons of shape with lots of bone and color. He's truly an eye catcher. He is an all-day, forward moving type mule. Clark has seen all the aspects...More


HIP #17

Jiggs is a handsome, black horse mule. Jiggs is 9 yrs old, stands 15h. He weighs 1075. He excels on the trails and in the arena. Jiggs is soft and supple. Neck reins, side passes, walks, trots and lopes. Jiggs is bred to ride. His mom is Perfectolena which goes...More

Crows Weeping Willow

HIP #18

Crows Weeping Willow- This fancy girl is a registered, yearling mule that we raised out of our good Jack Hunter Mountain Crow and a Dual Pep bred QH mare. We decided to save this one for Jake Clark Mule Days sale, because we feel she is special. She has an...More


HIP #19

Meet Modelo, the striking blue roan molly mule with a cool demeanor. She's not just a pretty face – Modelo has been an integral part of basic ranch work, excelling in tasks such as gathering cattle, riding pens in feedlots, processing cattle, loading trucks, and penning cattle at stockyards. Despite...More


HIP #20

JLo is a gorgeous talented super gentle palomino molly mule. She is ten years old and just under 15.2 hands. JLo is out of a Tennessee Walking mare – she does not gait, but has a very comfortable smooth way of traveling. If you have a sore back or neck,...More

Pairadice's Evelyn

HIP #21

Pairadice’s Evelyn is a 7 year old, 14.1 hand dappled gray mare mule. She is very gentle and loves attention. She has had thousands of miles trail riding and hog hunting. She is an outstanding trail mule that crosses logs, ditches and rivers. She will go absolutely anywhere you point...More


HIP #22

Molly is a 14 year old red roan that has seen some of the roughest terrain you can imagine in the hills. She has been ridden the last few years by an elderly gentleman. Due to health reasons I was able to purchase this one of a kind molly. She...More


HIP #23

Bluebell, her name says it all! This is a gorgeous molly mule that’s true blue. She’s easy to catch, clip, and shoe. She’s confident with or without company on the trail. We had her consigned last year and 3 weeks before the sale she stuck her nose into a rattlesnake’s...More


HIP #24

This is my personal mule and has been for a few years. In my eyes, he’s not only the best mule offered in this sale but the best in the world! He’s gentle for the WHOLE family, I don’t care if you are 4yrs old or 104, you can have...More

Once in a Blue Moon AKA Merle

HIP #25

Once in A Blue Moon "Merle" is a 7 year old, 16 hand, iron grey, John mule. Affectionately known as our "gentle giant", Merle may be large in stature, but worry not, he's a smooth, graceful ride. Merle is registered with the North American Saddle Mule & Donkey Association (NASMDA)....More


HIP #26

Desperado is a beautiful 9-year-old roan, sorrel and white paint john mule that stands 15 hands. He is built with a large quarter horse frame and big bone. I can't begin to put all the good things that I know about this mule on paper. What I can say is...More

Tin Cup Cotten Eyed Joe

HIP #27

Tin Cup Cotton Eyed Joe- Introducing a one-of-a-kind mule that represents the perfect combination of conformation, talent, and work ethic. Tin Cup Cotton Eyed Joe is a true gem for anyone seeking a partner with a passion for trail riding, ranch riding or heading to the show ring! If you...More


HIP #28

Gin is 8 years old and stands 14 hand tall. Gin has a very sweet personality. She will take care of any level of rider, young to old. We have taken her to our local gymkhanas. She is a very quiet natured mule. She does just fine riding out alone,...More


HIP #30

Preacher is a 15 hand buckskin paint john mule with four white socks and is a head turner. He was born on 6/21/2018. His breeding is one that has been highly sought after and you will be lucky to add him to your string. He is out of a registered...More


HIP #31

Senora is a beautiful 9 year old, palomino molly mule. She is the perfect size mule at 15 hands. She has the cutest head and a big full hip. She has a great back that holds a saddle like your best horse. She has been used in the mountains, she...More


HIP #32

Pearl is a GORGEOUS gray Molly mule sporting big dapples, dark points and tons of eye appeal. She is 11 years old, stands 15 hands tall and a true head turner wherever she goes. Pearl is the absolute definition of an “all-around” mule. She will be broke in every aspect....More


HIP #33

Boots has class from every angle- the kind that you can see from 100 yards off. No doubt, the closer you get, the more you’ll like her! Boots is respectful on the ground- good with handling her feet and ears, clips well and easy to tack up. Boots has been...More


HIP #34

Katie is a 8 year old appaloosa mule with a great disposition and an awesome sense of humor that stands 15.1hh. Katie has been in the mountains leading pack stings and she has also packed out elk. Katie is also no stranger to the ranch she has gathered cows ,...More


HIP #35

Jill is a 13 year old dun molly that stands 14.2 hands tall. She has the beautiful dun color with the stripes on her legs, stripe down her back and across her withers. Jill is easy to catch as she will come nickering to the gate when she sees you...More


HIP #36

Louie was my 2022 Missouri Mule Makeover! We were the Junior Youth Champions! He’s been trail ridden all over the country. He is extremely confident and will go anywhere you point him. We’ve also been sorting and starting to rope off of him. It will be hard to find a...More


HIP #37

Loud colored paint John Mule that absolutely loves people and is extremely gentle and fun to have around. He has been ridden and packed all over the United States and is user friendly for the whole family....More


HIP #38

If you’re looking for a down to earth and sweet ride, Purdy is the mule for you. She is a personable, gentle mule. Been extensively ridden by beginners in all sorts of terrain. Used for penning in the sale barn. Drives well double. Has been used in hunting camp and...More

Lil' Debbie

HIP #39

Lil' Debbie is a real sweetheart. She loves people. Lil' Debbie is an 8 yr old red sorrel mare mule. She stands 14.2h and weighs 1050. Lil' Debbie is great to clip, shoe, and bathe. Super easy to catch and meets you at the gate. She is good around dogs...More


HIP #40

Puppet is a 10 year old dun Molly mule that is built like a brick house! She has all the looks and a big heart to go with it. Puppet is as wide as she is tall! She can take you squirrel hunting, ride bareback, and she also crosses creeks...More


HIP #41

If you are looking for a mule that's tough and strong with a big ol' work ethic, then Hoss is the guy for you. Hoss has put in a lot of hard days with us, but we’ve never found a bottom to him and he always has gas in the...More

Rawhides Lucky

HIP #42

Rawhides Lucky is a brown horse mule sired by Rawhide, a grandson of Texas Scooter and out of our quarter mare. Lucky has good conformation and the quality a person looks for in a modern saddle mule. He should mature to the 15 hands plus range and will have a...More


HIP #43

Nugget is a gorgeous 6-year-old palomino molly mule that has dapples as big as your fist all over her body. With her unique color she is definitely a head turner in the largest places. She stands 13.3 hands and made like a brick. Don't let her height fool you, what...More


HIP #44

SILIVIA, the prettiest mule we have ever owned or offered for sale, a real head turner with brains and ability to match. This sweet girl will not only get you noticed but possesses the skill set that makes her stand out while trail riding, rock hopping, reining, showing or packing....More


HIP #45

ANDY is a 5 yr old 14.3 hand john mule. Andy was started as a 2yr old and has been ridden through all types of terrain. Andy is a gentle mule and is easy to catch in the pasture. Andy will go anywhere and in any direction you point him....More


HIP #46

Cowboy is 10 years old. We have used him extensively in our hunting operation for the last 3 years. He will take care of whoever is on his back- Cowboy adjusts to his rider- you can put a dude on him one day and lead the group yourself the...More


HIP #47

Norman is a 10 year old sorrel john mule that our friends raised and trained. Norman is a great size at 14.3 hands. He has been used on cattle sorting and trailing, trail ridden a bunch through the creeks and all over. He is a very friendly mule, easy to...More


HIP #48

Chanel comes with a very unique color that is sure to catch any eye!! If you’re looking for fancy, she’s your gal. Chanel is a gentle mule that anyone can ride. She’s the first one at the gate whenever you need her. She has been ridden all over the country...More


HIP #49

Tootsie is the sweetest, perfect sized mule. She meets you at the gate everyday with a ready to please attitude. Tootsie has won multiple awards in halter and lead line classes. She will clip, bath, load, and shoe with ease. If you need help getting on, no problem! She will...More

Rawhides Yellow Rose

HIP #50

Rawhides Yellow Rose is a palomino molly sired by Rawhide, a grandson of Texas Scooter and out of our quarter mare. She is very correct in conformation, loves people and attention. Yellow Rose will be an eye catcher anywhere she goes. Will mature to the 14.2 plus range. Her dam...More
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