Consignor Bio

Dwayne Peterson

My dad's love of mules started back in 1969. He purchased his first mule for coon hunting in the mid-west. He began to have a passion for mules and a trust with them. Dad purchased his first jack in 1971 and began breeding quarter horse mares and raising mule colts. As he progressed in the mule business, he was fortunate to purchase a jack named Texas Scooter in 1991. Which he began breeding and producing quality mule colts. Texas Scooter soon became a household name that many mule people across the country have become to know and recognize. As his daughter Charity, my passion for mules have been lifelong. My husband Rick grew up riding and driving mules with his family. My stepson Levi has developed a passion for riding and raising mules also. Raising quality mules has become a family passion we all enjoy. As we continue to raise quality mule colts and jack stock from our standing jack, Scooters Rawhide a grandson of Texas Scooter. We continue to carry on the Texas Scooter bloodlines my dad started many years ago. My dad as Peterson's Quality Mules has been raising mule colts for 50 plus years. Of those years he has come to Jake Clark Mule day's 18 years. We would like to thank each and every one of you that has helped make this dream come true.