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Bailey's Training Clinic by the Wild Bunch Horse & Mule Co.

Mon, Jun 14th - Tue, Jun 15th
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Ralston, Wyoming

MONDAY Day 1-Mule/Horse Training Clinic

  • Understanding what personality type you and your equine are.
  • Clear instruction to communicate with your equine and make you both better companions.

TUESDAY Day 2-Mule/Horse Training Clinic

  • How to succeed at any task with your equine
  • How to reward your equine for good behavior
  • How to discipline your equine for bad behavior

$300 for 2 full days of Instruction
Coffee & Muffins/Donuts for Breakfast and Lunch Provided both days

SEND:  $156.00 ($6 paypal convenience fee) as a deposit to hold a space
via paypal, send payment to kay@saddlemule.com

Wild Bunch Mule Co
Mark & Jennifer Bailey
1027 Boswell Rd.
Okolona, AR 71962
@wildbunchhorseandmuleco on Facebook
#wildbunchhorseandmuleco on Instagram