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2024 Auction Mules

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HIP #51

Galaxy is a ten-year-old pretty dapple gray molly mule. She stands just over 15.1 hands and has a great back to hold a saddle. She is broke and gentle. Galaxy is easy to shoe or trim with four hard black feet. She loads right in a trailer. She is easy...More


HIP #52

PEDRO 14'2 - 9yr. John mule. The perfect size and the perfect age, this fancy man was born to please. His rich, solid brown coat, perfect confirmation and an unmatched work ethic combined with his gentleman's manners send Pedro to the head of the class. Western? English? Show Ring? Ranch/Cattle...More


HIP #53

Bella is a 4 year old red dun mare mule, standing at 14.3 born in West Texas out of a quarter type mare. She has been at home in East Texas for a little over 2 years. Bella is sure footed and has ridden in the mountains of Ruidoso, as...More


HIP #54

Ranchy is a very talented, young mule. He has a ground covering walk that is a true blessing when prowling pastures checking cattle and mineral. Ranchy can sort, pen, work a gate, drag calves to the fire and doctor in the pasture. He is light on his feet with lots...More


HIP #55

BeeBee is as fancy as they make a Molly mule! At 6 years old and 15.2 she has beautiful long legs, nice withers, an attractive head and keen ears. She’s got all the look and presence you can ask for! But as attractive as she looks, her training is just...More

Oklahoma’s Gunslinger

HIP #56

Pedro is a 9 yr old John mule. He stands 15.1 hands. His registered name is Oklahoma’s Gunslinger and he is out of a AQHA cow bred mare. Pedro has competed in open level on up to breed level and has multiple world champion titles. He has competed in halter,...More


HIP #57

Steele is a beautiful 7-year-old iron gray john mule that stands 15.3 hands. Steele is sired by Tyler, who is by an own son of the notorious Texas Scooter and he is out of an AQHA Cow/Pleasure bred mare on the bottom side. He has the color, quiet disposition and...More


HIP #58

Ruth is a 7 year old but has only been ridden 2 years. She is very athletic and can do most anything you teach her. She is easy to handle and works great on the trail. She will go wherever you point her and is easy to catch. She will...More


HIP #59

Poppy is a 5 year old sorrel molly mule. I got her from my neighbor, Sam Olson. Sam raised her out of his Sun Frost mare. He broke her to ride and day worked on her for 2 years before I got her. I had watched her since she was...More


HIP #60

Scotch is a 15.1 hand john mule that is a beautiful dun with a dorsal stripe. He can work for you or he can trail ride. He has worked the feedlots and sale barn and will open a gate, drag a calf, log, tire or anything you need done. He...More


HIP #61

Liberty is an exceptional molly that has been used for about every aspect of ranch work. Liberty loves attention and is easy to catch, shoe, saddle and bridle. She does really well on the trail. With her looks and ability she would make an exceptional show mule for someone as...More


HIP #62

Roxy is a 9 year old mare mule who has seen it all. Always a kind and willing partner. She will come find you in the pasture just to get her ears rubbed. She is great in the mountains and with the kids. She is easy to catch, shoe, saddle,...More


HIP #63

Beautiful black mare mule that is thick made and very gentle. She has been my son Traden Noll's primary mount and he has ridden and packed her all over in all different kinds of terrain. Safe and gentle for about anyone....More


HIP #64

KitKat is a gorgeous 15 hand 7 yr old Molly mule. She weighs around 1100 pounds ands has tons of bone and shape to boot. KitKat has been used in South Texas to check yearlings, load trucks, pen back at the sale barn, and trail ride. From confident beginners...More


HIP #65

Spade is a stunning 9-year-old black molly mule that stands 15.1 hands. Spade is the mule that most people dream of owning. You can't take a crayon and a piece of paper and draw a mule any better. She is the epidemy of the perfect all-around mule. She excels in...More


HIP #66

MAGGIE is a 4yr old 15 hand molly mule. She is very easy to catch and saddle and will go any direction you point her. She is a very good mule to be around. Maggie is a mule that will really walk out and cover some country....More


HIP #67

Catalina is more than just another sorrel, she’s got the athleticism to make her your next favorite mule! When the work needs done, she’s the first one we grab because of her responsive demeanor and just all around joy to ride. Take her to a roping or mounted shooting and...More


HIP #68

This a a special mule that is the kind that is very hard to find! She is a finished ranch and family mule and she is gaited!! Ruth is super sweet and has been in my sights for the last 4yrs. A childhood friend of mine started and used this...More

Rawhides Delight

HIP #69

Rawhides Delight is a palomino molly sired by Rawhide, a grandson of Texas Scooter and out of our quarter mare. She has a one of a kind quarter build. Delight was born friendly, loves people and attention. In 2023 over Fathers Day weekend we sold a pair of full siblings,...More


HIP #70

Bud is a 10 year old John mule. He is not the largest mule in the pen but has the biggest heart. Bud is a bombproof mule that has been rode on rough trails all day long by a variety of riders from men to women and kids. He is...More


HIP #71

Sissy is a 14 hand tall molly mule that weighs 750 lbs. She is a great size riding mule that works very well. She has a good thick hip with a lot of motion and a big heart. Sissy is easy to catch, clip, and shoe. She has been...More


HIP #72

Babe is a 10-year-old 15.1 hand Molly mule. Babe is a very gentle saddle mule. She has been ridden on elk hunting trips in the mountains of Colorado as well as New Mexico. Not only is she great to ride in the mountains but she has been ridden to move...More

Peggy Sue

HIP #73

Peggy Sue - 5yr. 14.3 - sorrel, Molly mule "Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty Peggy Sue - Oh how my heart yearns for you". Peggy Sue is an easy on the eyes, beautiful, red head. She'll meet you at the gate when it's time to ride because she is looking forward...More

Pairadice's Millie

HIP #74

Pairadice's Millie is a 7 year old, buckskin CURLY molly mule. She is 15.2 and weighs 1200 pounds. Pairadice's Millie is a unicorn of all mules. You will never find another like her. Not only is she a CURLY mule but she is a buckskin with no dun stripes. Millie...More


HIP #75

Meet Aspen. This sweet girl just seemed to be born broke, with her willingness and trust in people, she bonds with new handlers easily and adapts to any situation with grace. Aspen is confident in herself and loves people. From her very first ride she has showcased her desire to...More


HIP #76

Lillie is amazing. She is beautiful, bodacious, brave and broke. Lillie is for sale due to complications that are no fault of her own. She is a nine year old 15.1 hand dapple gray marvelous molly mule. Lillie is GENTLE and SAFE. She was raised by a friend of ours....More


HIP #77

He’s truly a good fella. Been used in the mountains of Cody Wyoming as a riding and pack mule. He’s always brought me home safely on trips, and packs with the best of them. Ready for any trail you put In front of him. He also has been used on...More


HIP #78

Poppy is a little mule that my 13 year old daughter and 6 year old son have teamed up on. This is a gorgeous molly with the brains, ability, and willingness to accomplish anything. She is extremely confident and will go where pointed. She needs more seasoning but is making...More


HIP #79

Molly is a nice black 7 year old mule standing 14.3 hands. Konner acquired her as a 4 year old and and had her in the Missouri Mule Makeover. After the competition, Konner spent countless hours on her, riding her up and down the trail, through creeks, timber, bogs and...More


HIP #80

Socks is a very athletic molly mule. She will be your best friend and willing to do anything when she shares a bond with you. She would make a good show prospect. She has all the shape and color you would want. She has the right size and attitude to...More


HIP #81

So we all know that mules are half horse and half donkey…but some how Patrick is half dog! He absolutely LOVES people! He loves being around people so much that he will leave a herd of 100 head to come over to you. He doesn’t just come up to people-...More


HIP #82

Douglas is 7 years old, stands 15.3 hands tall, and is handmade and handsome! We have owned Douglas for the past 5 years. He is a barn favorite and a joy to own. Douglas has been ridden anywhere and everywhere and is a trail rider's dream! Douglas is sure footed,...More


HIP #83

Fancy is a beautiful 6-year-old golden palomino molly mule that stands 15 hands. Fancy has a square frame, big foot, and really represents the traits of the AQHA mare that she is out of. She has the mindset and athletic ability to go any direction. We have ridden her through...More


HIP #84

Wendy is the type of mule that gets you noticed everywhere you go! At 11 years old and 15.1, she has a resume full of skills and brains and beauty to go with it. Wendy has been a go to for the ranch chores, she’s solid and dependable. She’s worked...More


HIP #85

Trigger is 8 years old, 15.3 hands and flashy. He has a really nice handle on him. He has a smooth walk, trot and lope. Travels the country with ease and goes wherever you point him. Trigger is easy to catch, saddle and bridle. He stands to mount and dismount....More

Rawhides California Cash

HIP #86

Rawhides California Cash is a bay horse mule with four white socks that will catch your eye. He is sired by Rawhide, a grandson of Texas Scooter and our paint mare. Cash has the qualities we are all looking for in a mule colt. Cash is a full brother to...More


HIP #87

Woodrow is a super safe, easy going partner. He has been ridden and packed in the mountains and on the trail. He moves off the leg really nicely, and is pretty handy at opening gates. He is suited for all levels of riders. He has been started on the heel-o-matic...More

Metallic Alice

HIP #88

Introducing Metallic Alice, the sophisticated molly mule with a cowboy spirit! Alice is not just a mule; she's a reliable companion for various tasks. Whether gathering horses, working the stock yards, or starting colts, Metallic Alice excels. Metallic Alice boasts a gentle one-handed neck rein and a substantial hammer stop,...More
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