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2019 Auction Mules


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HIP #51

Shasta is a 16.1 hand palomino molly mule. We have used her trail riding in the mountains and in hunting camp. She's good with her ears and extremely easy to shoe. She loads, clips and hauls with ease. She is enjoyable to be around. She will go anywhere you point...More

PairADice’s Gracie

HIP #52

PairADice’s Gracie is an 8 year old, chestnut mare mule with a small white spot on her forehead. Gracie is a meet you at the gate kind of mule who loves attention. She is a pretty quarter type mule, standing 14.2. She has tons of trail miles, gentle enough for...More


HIP #53

Bailey is a fancy molly mule who had lots of groundwork and was started right. We took our time developing this nice mule because she showed obvious potential even as a 2 year old. She is bold and confident on the trail and has had extensive arena riding. Bailey has...More


HIP #54

Albert is a 7-year old Bay John Mule that stands 15 hands tall and weighs 1,050 lbs. He does a nice job on the trails and has the slowest, smoothest trot. Albert has been started under harness and is a nice young mule that could go in any direction. Video...More


HIP #55

Hatfield is a 2013 black john mule. He stands 15 hands and weighs 1100lb. He has lots of bone and good hard feet. Hatfield has been Megan’s go to mule for the past two years and is an absolute ranch favorite for everyone! He is the go-to when a job...More

Big Nose Kate

HIP #56

Big Nose Kate is as handy as a pocket on a shirt. She is ready to hit the trails, work cattle, and pack your game. She is one hand broke, responds to leg cues, has overall good body control, picks up her leads, and is soft in the bridle. She...More


HIP #57

Jethro is the best mule money can buy!! He can and will do anything you ask of him. If you want to truly enjoy trail riding and know that you’re safe, he’s the guy for the job. Nothing bothers him and he’s an absolute pleasure to ride. You can't make...More

Sweet Annie

HIP #58

Annie is the kind of mule everyone is looking for and anyone can ride. She is the right size, has a great disposition and is pretty as a picture. She is by the great Texas Scooter son, Scooters Choice and out of a registered quarterhorse mare. Annie can be turned...More


HIP #59

NILES is sweet and laid back when you need him to be but he's got the gas when you need it. He is out of a Red Roan Mammoth Jack and a Zippo Pine Bar mare. He has tons of cow ability. We showed him in multiple events here at...More


HIP #60

Ben —— 9 yrs old 15/3 Hns Tall , Black John mule , Ben is Quarter horse type mule , Big stout , Good Bone , Ben has had lot of Ranch work on cattle, been to Colorado in Elk hunting trips , also has been packed on hunting trips...More


HIP #61

Katy is a beautiful 15h buckskin mare mule. She is 6 yrs old and part of our family since she was 2. We purchased her from the family that raised her. Katy is good to catch, good with feet, ears, clipping, bathing. She loads and hauls great. We have mainly...More


HIP #62

Judy is an exceptional trail mule that will work for anyone that climbs on her back. Judy is EXTREMELY GENTLE and is as sweet and friendly as they come. Judy is one of those mules you can put any of your friends or relatives on and she will be babysit...More

Smooth Traveler

HIP #63

EASY MULE. Easy to catch, ride and pack. Traveler is a true people mule. Soft and bendy in the arena with exceptional athletic ability. He truly lives up to his name with his love of gathering up country. He will go all day and never falter. He is a dream...More


HIP #64

Rio is a special mule. Experienced in the the roughest, steepest and rocky areas you would ever want to ride . He is smooth riding in the arena, with a nice collected canter and great pleasure trot and will have a ground covering walk when asked. Rio is well trained...More


HIP #65

Sam Is a super nice mule. He is friendly and kind. We have used him all over the ranch. He has seem many miles in rough country and in all weather. He takes time off well and saddles up quiet even in the coldest of weather with no issues. He...More

Big Sally

HIP #66

If you want a BROKE mule Big Sally is for you. This mule will let anybody who can climb on ride her and she will pack anything you can tie on her. She is as safe and quiet as they come. Big Sally has no holes and no bad habits....More


HIP #67

Hank is a stout sorrel John mule with a white mane that can carry you all day long. Hank has a good wither to hold a saddle. He will go wherever you point him, crosses logs, water, bridges, etc willingly. He clips, shoes, loads without issue. Hank is very friendly,...More


HIP #68

Tilly is a 14.2 hand molly mule. She is the meet-you-at-the-gate kind of mule. She enjoys being with her people. She's only 6 years old. She is a mule that we have ridden up and down the trails in hunting camp and used for all the jobs required in the...More


HIP #69

Blinn is one of a kind to say the least, he will get noticed everywhere. He is originally a Jake Clark mule that was sold at the Rocky Mountain Elk banquet. I have had him several years and have have used him for everything from jackpot team roping to parades...More

Suzie Q

HIP #70

This is a good paint Molly mule that has been trail ridden a lot, both in the back country and around traffic. She is gentle and good to handle. She rides well alone or in groups. Suzie Q has been used on plenty of gatherings on the ranch. Call with...More


HIP #71

MULLIGAN, 2010 BLACK JOHN MULE. Mulligan is a very stout broke and gentle 14 hand mule. He has extensive experience in our wilderness hunting camps. Mulligan has been packed and led the string. He will ride bareback with a halter. Mulligan is a very friendly mule that really likes people....More


HIP #72

Moses is sure to get you noticed! He stands 14.3 with some bone and shape to him. We have coon hunted off him as well as just Trail rode him. He's as tough as they come. He also rides in the arena as well as he does outside and will...More

BIG 22

HIP #73

BIG 22 is the "King of Gentle Mules". He has a sweet and willing disposition. He has excellent ground manners for bathing, clipping, worming, loading, getting shod and having things done at the vet. He's velvet smooth in the saddle and very soft in the bridle. He can lead a...More

Cason's Queen

HIP #74

Cason's Queen is as classy as they come! Bred and raised by legendary mule man Dewayne Cason. This mule has the pretty head and nice hip Dewaynes mules are known for, along with the deep dun color and zebra strips. This pretty mule has had a job riding both on...More


HIP #75

If you are looking for a unique mule in both looks and ability, Paleface is your guy. He has been ridden by young and old, experienced and inexperienced, and everything in between. Ride him once a year or everyday; he stays the same.Paleface neck reins, responds well to leg cues,...More


HIP #76

Barbie is BROKE and BEAUTIFUL!! She is extremely safe and loves people. My kids have ridden her all over the ranch and down countless trails and have never had an issue. She is very broke, the kids jump on her and ride her from the pasture bareback with a halter...More

Lucky Charm (LC)

HIP #77

Lucky Charm (LC) is a very classy 10 yr old beautiful dun mare mule. LC has been used for a lot of different things. She has checked pasture cattle on the wheat fields in Kansas to trail riding on the Colorado mule ride 3x's. She has been rode in the...More

Little Miss Honky Donk

HIP #78

Missy is a great little mule. She is a slow to medium walker and is what some would describe as a grandma's mule. She is steady and solid on the trail and is not spooky. She is willing and goes carefully anywhere you point her. She has a nice walk,...More


HIP #79

Jethro is a six year old 15-1 hand Sorrel John Mule that works off leg pressure, shows a lot of cow and sorts cows and competed in Ranch Sorting. He has a sliding stop, keeps his head down when he backs up or turns, flexs well. He is good on...More


HIP #80

Stella —- 15/3 Hns tall, Sorrel Mare Mule, Stella is out of Missouri Fox Trotter. Stella has a nice trail Gait, and has lot of trail miles in the Ozarks, been the National Chuckwagon Races Clinton, Ark. Stella is meet you at the Gate kinda of mule , people Loving...More


HIP #81

LISA is a very sweet imprinted mule. She has all the traits of being imprinted by humans. She loves humans more than equine. She lives to please and loves attention. She is the first to meet you at the gate. For a young mule, she amazingly walks right off by...More

Miss Kitty

HIP #82

Miss Kitty is a flashy butterscotch dun molly mule. She is 10 years old and 14.3 hands tall. She is a tough, ground covering joy to ride. We have packed everything imaginable on her, guided hunters off her, sorted pairs, doctored, branded, team roped, lion hunted and used her for...More


HIP #83

Jersey is a 14 year old, john mule. He is very, very broke. He can be a kids mule or anyone that wants to ride a mule whether they know how to ride or not. He has been shown in the western pleasure and in the reining. He does one...More


HIP #84

Reliable. Solid. Confident. Drifter is a real cowboy type mule, yet safe and confident on the trail. He is built to work and athletic enough to get the job done. Drifter possesses all the best characteristics of a ranch mule. He is a no nonsense, love to work mule, accepting...More

Ellie May

HIP #85

Ellie May is a very nice 10-year-old stocking legged brown paint mare mule that stands 15.2 hands and weighs 1250#. We have used Ellie May in our wilderness outfitting business for the last 5 years, so she has seen many miles packing everything from wild game to kitchen panniers to...More
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