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2019 Auction Mules


After May 1, view the PRINTED CATALOG as Follows:
Low Resolution-PDF ~10-20 minutes          High Resolution-PDF ~15-30 minutes
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View the Online Listing Below

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BONFIRE, 2013 SORREL JOHN MULE. Bonfire is an amazing talented mule. He is beautiful, with four high stockings and a pretty head. Bonfire has been ridden thousands of miles in the mountains of Montana and Utah. He has been also been packed with camp gear and elk meat and horns....More



If your looking for an all around mule to use everyday for anything your heart desires, look no further than “Clown”. She is a gorgeous, 9 year old molly mule. She will get you noticed in the arena, in the pack string, in your hometown parade or dragging calves to...More



Hubert is a 7-year-old, black john mule. Standing at 14.2 hands tall, Hubert is the perfect height for anyone to easily get on. Hubert is a pleasure to be around and would be a great addition to anyone’s herd. Hubert is a finished ranch mule and has been started team...More



Kate is a very nice saddle mule has been from the country to town and back, used in the sale barn to sort and she is quiet and works gates very well. I have roped on her, drug calves, doctored and tagged calves outside on her, been used just about...More

Miss Kitty


Miss Kitty is a flashy butterscotch dun molly mule. She is 10 years old and 14.3 hands tall. She is a tough, ground covering joy to ride. We have packed everything imaginable on her, guided hunters off her, sorted pairs, doctored, branded, team roped, lion hunted and used her for...More



MULLIGAN, 2010 BLACK JOHN MULE. Mulligan is a very stout broke and gentle 14 hand mule. He has extensive experience in our wilderness hunting camps. Mulligan has been packed and led the string. He will ride bareback with a halter. Mulligan is a very friendly mule that really likes people....More



PEPPERMINT, 2014 SORREL STOCKING-LEGGED MOLLY MULE. Peppermint is a naturally gentle, super sweet 14.1 hand mule. She likes to please and adores people. Peppermint has a very nice neck rein and will tuck her head to back. She is broke and very responsive. She stands to get on and off....More



Gorgeous and loud colored! Porkchop will do anything you want to muleback. He has a great running walk and can cover some country. Goes right where you point him wether it’s through the water, mud, brush or into the back of a pickup truck. Porkchop has been roped on, ranched...More



Rio is a special mule. Experienced in the the roughest, steepest and rocky areas you would ever want to ride . He is smooth riding in the arena, with a nice collected canter and great pleasure trot and will have a ground covering walk when asked. Rio is well trained...More

Sally Anne


Sally Anne is a pretty sorrel molly mule. She is 12 years old and stands 14.3 hands tall. We had her consigned to Jake's sale last year but drew her out because of a lump on her jaw, from which she shortly recovered but at the time of the sale...More
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