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2018 Auction Mules

After May 1, view the PRINTED CATALOG as Follows:
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HIP #51

Kalli is an outstanding trail mule, she enjoys trail rides and putting on miles. She will pack camping supplies and game or anything else you can tie on her! She is great to handle and be around, and will fit any level rider. Levi King 208-739-2268...More


HIP #52

Roy is a 15h handsome palomino horse mule. He is 8 yrs old. Roy has the best personality. Roy loves people. Roy has been used for many different things from moving pasture cows to trail riding to packing. He handles every job you give him with ease. He meets you...More


HIP #53

Paulie is a very talented, well built mule with great athletic ability. She has been used in ranch work, trail riding and reining, all while heading to the mountains often to be used as a main riding mule and pack mule. Paulie was one of the featured mules in the...More


HIP #54

Talk about kind and sweet! If personality and kindness is what your looking for, check this one out. She has countless miles down the trails, as well as being coon hunted off of extensively. Geraldine is very good about picking her way through the rough stuff, and always knows where...More


HIP #55

Rose is a 15.1 hand, 10 year old, bay molly mule. This girl is big boned and strong as they come when you are looking for a trail mule. She is super nice, gentle for anyone from the kids to grandmas but handy enough for the middle aged person as...More


HIP #56

Kathy is a big, pretty, nicely broke molly mule. She always does her best to please. You don’t have to be a mule skinner to get along with Kathy and she would be a good mule for just about anybody from little kids to little old ladies. She has roped...More


HIP #57

Clementine is 7 years old, stands 15.1 hands & out of my Texas Scooter son Scooters Choice. She is one of those you knew would be special the day she was born. Consistent with choice mules, she posses that sweet willing to please disposition, smooth flowing movment and conformation with...More


HIP #58

Lonestar is a stunning 6yr old John mule. He is the complete package! Sweet personality, very handsome, great movement, and Gentle Gentle Gentle! From the time he catches you anywhere in the pasture, til the time you get back from a long day trail riding, he is always willing to...More


HIP #59

"Legs" is a 15 year old tri-colored paint molly mule. You don't see mules like her very often! She was bred, raised, and is currently owned by Virgil and Lora Broomfield out of Jenkins, Missouri. Legs is a very experienced trail mule that has been ridden extensively in the Ozark...More


HIP #60

Gertrude, 7-year-old steele grey percheron cross mare mule, 16.1 hands tall. We got Gertrude when she was 4 years old and had been driven on a cart at that time. She has been used in the mountains, I’ve ridden her literally 1,000 miles leading packing strings, or used her in...More


HIP #61

This is a super smart mule with excellent lineage. He's out of a cow bred mare. He has been started on cattle and really has the mind for it. We have rode him on the trails a ton. He's gorgeous and has outstanding ground manners. If you are looking for...More


HIP #62

Ginger is out of a Missouri Fox Trotting mare. She has a good build, been ridden on the trails of Arkansas and Missouri. Has a nice trail gate, she would be considered a finished trail mule. She is very gentle and personable mule that will fit a lot of levels...More


HIP #63

JAX is a good-looking stout 15.1 hand bright sorrel molly mule with a blonde mane and tail. She is ten years old and friendly and gentle. She is independent and will ride off alone or happily ride anywhere in the group. Jax is easy to catch, bridle, load and shoe....More

Rafter F Sweetwater Candyman

HIP #64

Candyman is a big, handsome 17 hand john mule who has done a little bit of everything. He is broke to ride and drive and has been shown at halter, under saddle and in harness all over the west. He was the 2016 Reserve World Champion Model Saddle Mule at...More


HIP #65

RADAR is a a gorgeous black Molly mule with a brilliant mind. We have used her on the Ranch for all types of jobs like sorting, penning, roping and doctoring. She is going to make a nice competition mule due to her athleticism and willing attitude. She is young but...More


HIP #66

Sarah is a very nice riding mule. She is also a very good looking mule. She has a good handle on her and is easy to catch and be around. She has been ridden and packed in very rough terrain of Utah, and Idaho. She is good around cattle, dog...More


HIP #67

Pendleton is a 15.3 hand black mule that has both style and flash. We have used him on the ranch full time and not just on weekends. He lopes around with a loose rein and always has his ears forward being proud of whatever he is asked to do. You...More


HIP #68

Homer is a handsome guy. He i 6 years old and stands just a bit over 15.2 hands tall. We got him from a cowboy preacher right here in Sheridan Wyoming. Homers has been on lots of trail rides and does it with style. He has also been used for...More


HIP #69

Preacher is a big stout mule with lots of shape and size. He has a gentle soul and is easy to catch, easy to saddle and easy to ride. He aims to please every time you catch him. I have rode this mule on miles and miles of trails. He...More


HIP #70

This molly we lovingly call Regina Phalange, is THE sweetest most gentle soul I’ve ever been around. Everything she does, she does with an eager to please attitude. Quiet, Quiet, Quiet. Regina has logged hundreds of miles on some of the most intense trail rides in our area. She doesn’t...More


HIP #71

Donkey is a FUN mule to be around! He is a great all around mule.Ypu can ride him on the trails or to the ball!!! He is very gentle and easy to handle. He stand quietly to saddle and mount. He loads and trailers like a dream. He walks out...More

Little Ann

HIP #72

Little Ann stands 14-3 and weighs 950 lbs., and is 6 yrs old. Ann is a very classy mule that has lots of eye appeal and the brain to go with it. She is easy to clip and shoe and has lots of trail miles to her credit. She has...More


HIP #73

Lacey is a beautiful grey Molly mule that is gentle and kind! Lacey loves people and is a very friendly mule. She will meet you at the gate in the morning! She is good looking, very well made mule. Lacey is not a spooky mule, and doesn’t have a mean...More


HIP #74

Most of Wally's work has been in a wilderness setting, leading pack strings and being packed thru out the west. He has spent 1 summer working cattle in Walden Colorado, additional cattle experience has come from gathering and driving cattle periodicaly in Idaho and Wyoming. He is a typical John,...More


HIP #75

Jody is a brown, Molly mule that we have had and used in our outfitting business for 4 years. She is 9 years old and has lots of life left in her. She is a big, stout, percheron mule. She is good with her feet and easy to shoe. She...More

Mona Lisa

HIP #76

Mona Lisa is a full 16 hands tall and has the sweetest of dispositions. She has the kindest eye and a willingness to please. We have put her to the test in rough country guiding elk and lion hunts. She is a great pack mule but seldom is used as...More


HIP #77

Rosie is an 8 year old, 15.1 hand, 1100 pound mare mule, that turns Red Roan when she sheds out. We have used her to pony our colts and she does an excellent job, she was used in a sale barn to push cattle. We have taken her camping trips...More


HIP #78

Moe is a good little family mule with a great attitude, kind eye and a big heart. Don’t let his small stature fool you. He has the strength and stamina of a mule twice his size. He stands 13.2 and weighs approximately 850lbs. He’s good to catch, shoe and bridle....More

PairADice’s Big Jake

HIP #79

Big Jake is a 15.2 hand john mule that looks like a horse. He has excellent conformation from head to tail. There is nothing you would change on this big mule. He has been trail ridden all over the United States and anyone can ride him. He has been used...More


HIP #80

This is Betty. She is an 11 year old Molly mule that stands 15.2. She is GENTLE to be around and easy to catch. Rides smooth and has a good neck rein. We have even ridden her bareback and had kids on her....More


HIP #81

A sweet kind and gentle mule. He is great for any rider that knows even a little about riding. He is completely broke in the bridle. He rides great out on the trail and in the arena. He's up to any job you ask him to do. Stands still to...More

Anna Bella

HIP #82

Anna Bella is an extremely classy looking 9 yr old Molly mule. She stands 15.2 hands tall. She has been used extensivly in the mountains behind cattle on a grazing permit and been on countless trail rides. She also spend all last fall in hunting camp being both rode and...More


HIP #83

Roxy is a 15.1 hand, 7 year old, gorgeous dun molly mule. This mule is a rockstar! She will pack the baby, mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa. She is gentle and extremely safe! She's been thousands of miles already and has a ton of lifetime left in her. Roxy traveled...More


HIP #84

Deb is a grey mare mule, out of a granddaughter of Smart Chic Olena. She has been raised in Arkansas about 15 miles from my farm. Deb is a very personable gentle mule that has been trail ridden in the hills of Arkansas and Missouri. She clips, bathes, shoes and...More


HIP #85

Jameison is very unique colored mule with his paint coat and white socks. This mule has gone on lots of pack trips and trail rides. He has also packed out his fair share of game. He is a very friendly mule that is easy to catch, clip, shoe and load....More


HIP #86

Annie is the sweetest mule you will ever meet. Great things come in small packages. You don't want to pass up this young mule. She is gentle, kind, and very smart. She will do whatever is asked of her, very willing to please. She has been one of our easiest...More


HIP #87

Laramie is a fancy 11 year old molly mule. She has been used for years in the mountains south of Jackson Hole packing bear bait and camp supplies. She rides safe and quiet on the trail and is not spooky. She has a sweet disposition, is gentle and friendly and...More


HIP #88

Penny, 6-year-old multi colored, brown dun with white spots, appy mare mule. I have owned this mule for the last 4 years. We started using her when she was 2-years-old. She started working in the hills when she was 3-year-old. She is 15 hands, appy mule, that is very shapey,...More
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