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  • Jake Clark, Mule Days, parade
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  • Jake Clark, Mule Days, rodeo
  • Jake Clark, Mule Days, parade, rodeo, mule, mules
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2023 Auction Mules

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All MULES with photo (s) and at least one video shall be displayed. 

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Consignors are given this extra leeway due to the extreme weather conditions.

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Tik Tok

HIP #51

Tick Tock If you’re looking for a Flashy, thick made mule to make your living on, Tick Tock is the Molly for you. She is an eye appealing, Stout made Mule, weighing in at 1150lbs. She is good on the trail, crosses water and dead fall with ease. Tick Tock...More


HIP #52

Katie is probably the prettiest mule we have ever owned. She stands a solid 15.2 hands tall and has a very cute head and as nice of a conformation as you could ever ask for! We have used her for everything here on the ranch and in the mountains. She...More


HIP #53

Dolly is a 15.3 hands, gorgeous, bay, 6 yo Molly Mule for the most discerning mule owner. She is unique in every way. Her beauty, agility, ability and strength are simply phenomenal. She has pretty much done anything and can do anything coming her way and can be ridden by...More


HIP #54

Roadhouse may not have quite the moves as Patrick Swayze but he’s just as likable. For the person that wants a little more size without sacrificing quality and refinement, he’s the one. Roadhouse is personable and will come up to you in the herd looking for a treat or scratches....More


HIP #55

Piper is a true all around ranch, trail, or roping mule. She will be one of the best riding mules we’ve had the pleasure of owning. Piper has a great personality and will be your best friend. She has been hunted on in the mountains both ridden and packed. Piper...More


HIP #56

Ruth is a 11 year old 15.3hh Molly Mule. If your looking for a Kind, reliable, hard working mule, with size and substance, Ruth is the mule for you!! Ruth is as gentle as they come. She is no stranger to a full days work on the ranch. This sweet...More

Clara Bell

HIP #57

Clara Bell is a 15 hand Buckskin mare mule that has been through the riggers of war in our outfitting operation. She will pack anything you can tie on the back of any mule. Our guides have ridden her all over the mountain in the roughest of terrain. She also...More


HIP #58

Kc is a 5 year old mare mule, she is as flashy as they come. She is a finished ranch mule, KC has been used at the sale barn to load trucks, pen cattle in yard back. KC will do all aspects of ranch work, she will out walk most...More


HIP #59

Audy is a 10 year-old 15.1 hand John mule that weighs 1,100 pounds. Audy has all the shape, confirmation, and eye appeal in the world. He is very, very easy to catch and will come running to meet you in the field. Audy clips, baths, shoes, and loads with ease....More

Rawhides American Idol

HIP #60

This molly mule Rawhides American Idol has some extreme eye appeal with her flashy stocking legs and great confromation. She was born April 12th of 2022 to our top producing paint mare and sired by Rawhide a grandson of Texas Scooter. Idol should mature to the 15 hand range. This...More


HIP #61

Lemonade is a 8yr old John mule. He stands 15.2. He rides around like a dream and is as sure footed as they come. He's been used in the mountains for riding, packing and has also packed meat. He will pack anything you put on him and this good looking...More


HIP #62

Thelma is an 8 year old Molly that stands 14.3 hands tall. Thelma is not for a beginner or novice rider, she is serious about her job and is extremely quick and responsive. She’s a really nice ranch mule and we are currently starting to heel cattle on her in...More


HIP #63

Poster is a 15hh bay and white 4 year old John mule. He is naturally gentle and very eye appealing. Poster was imprinted at birth. He is out of a Docs Solano mare and a 14.3hh jack. We have handled him from day 1. He has never had a mean...More


HIP #64

Started by John Logsdon and finished by Matt Fournier, Kelly is a machine in the mountains. She excels in the roughest terrain and is absolutely fearless on the trail. She is a hunter’s, serious trail rider’s or even an endurance rider’s dream. A serious girl who will go all day,...More


HIP #65

Petunia is just the type everyone asks for! She’s loud colored and sweet with the trail experience to outdo anyone! Petunia is easy natured and fun to be around. She would suit just about any level of rider and has a desire to please. She crosses bridges, logs, ditches, brush,...More


HIP #66

Betty is a beautiful brown mule that stands 14.3 hands tall and is classy to look at. Betty is a very smart and willing to please mule. She has been ridden in and out of the arena where she takes everything in stride. She has a smooth trot and lope....More


HIP #67

This is one cool Safe Broke family mule that has allot of shape and is very very gentle. We having been using this mule for everything under sun and the moon light. From trail riding to ranching to coon hunting at night in the moon light. Every level of rider...More


HIP #68

A big hearted mule in a little package! Gloria is a 7 yr old dun molly mule and one of the cutest, sweetest, little gals you will ever see. Her color and big doe eyes will turn heads! If you’re looking for a nice mule that will take you safely...More


HIP #69

Cardi is truly one of a kind! This pretty girl is 5 years old and stands 15.1 hands tall. She is a very well traveled and well trained mule! Cardi got her start when she participated in the 2021 Missouri mule makeover. During that time she traveled all over seeing...More

Rawhides Duke

HIP #70

Rawhides Duke was born April 25th of 2022 to our cremello mare and sired by Rawhide a grandson of Texas Scooter. Duke is going to be a beautiful buckskin with excellent confromation. He should mature to the 14.2 hand range. Duke has a soft eye and is a caliber of...More

Greystones Quincy

HIP #71

Quincy is the epitome of an All Around, Talented, Versatile mule. She’s amazing in the trail, loves working cattle and is and pretty and handy enough to take you to the winner’s circle! Great qualities no matter what direction you choose. She will catch you in the field and follow...More


HIP #72

Latte is a 3 year old Molly that stands 14.3 hands tall. We raised this little Molly and she is by our 55 inch black jack and a 15 hand, 1250 pound bay foundation bred quarter mare. She was imprinted at birth and has recently been started. She has been...More

Miss Kitty

HIP #73

Miss Kitty is a 15.2 hand, 5-year-old Mare Mule that we have raised from a colt. She is blacker than 2 foot down a stove pipe and has 4 stocking legs for some chrome. Kitty is broke to ride, has a long extended trot, a good walk, a nice lope...More


HIP #74

Banjo is an 8-year-old john mule that would fit most folks. He has a light handle and a rocking chair lope as smooth as any. He has worked in a sale yard and watches a cow well. He shoes and trims without issue. He has been used to hunt lions...More


HIP #75

Rascal is a 10 year-old grulla 15.1 hands tall and 1,050 pound John mule. Easy to catch anywhere, clip, and shoe. He will meet you at the gate everyday ready to work or ride. Rascal has been rode at the National Championship Chuckwagon races, in parades, and on many wagon...More


HIP #76

Addie is a very attractive molly mule that has a big smooth walk as she is gaited with that being said you can ride her with quarter stock or gaited stock she will go whatever speed you want. She is a solid mountain mule that has been rode and packed...More


HIP #77

Here is a little mule with a big heart who has been ridden down many miles of trails. Been ridden by kids of all ages, coon and squirrel hunted by an 83 year old. Pedro will work for the entire family. He is very easy to catch, saddle and clip....More


HIP #78

MODESTA.. is a nice trail mule. Been ridden in all sorts of terrain. Worked cattle, crosses water, friendly with other animals. Loads and trailers well. Good with her feet. Swift ground covering walk, smooth trot, will run a hole in the wind. Good to saddle and bridle. ...More


HIP #79

Cricket will meet you at the gate and you will catch her with ease. She definitely has a personality to please, Anyone can ride her. Cricket has been used to push cattle at the sale barn. She has been used to check cattle in the pastures , drag logs and...More


HIP #80

Heidi is a 14.2hh molly mule that is 11years old. She is absolutely gentle for any level rider and very user friendly. Heidi is good about her ears and will hand you every foot. She has been rode primarily on the trails. Heidi will keep the kids and grandma safe...More


HIP #81

Bill is a 6 yr old horse mule. 14.3 hands. Dark dun. Bill is out of a quarterhorse mare and an own son of the great Texas Scooter jack. Ben has been used for a lot of things. He has penned thousands of black hided cattle. Trail rode. Led mules...More

Pairadice's Jewels

HIP #82

Pairadice's Jewels is a 6 year old, 14.3 hand, gray mare mule. Give us a call at 573-308-2709 for more information....More

Big John

HIP #83

Big John is a 6 year old bay john mule that stands 15.1 and weighs 1200 Ibs. He is out of a Two Eyed Jack and Zan Parr Bar Mare. If you are looking for shape, confirmation, frame, bone and brains, this is your mule. He has more shape then...More

Chicken Nugget

HIP #84

Chicken Nugget is a 10 year old John mule that stands 14 hands. He is the first one to meet you at the gate. Stands to be saddled good with his feet and ears he has a one hand neck rein good with dogs. We have used him to pack...More
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